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   Race Rock & The Olympic Mts - photo by Mark Lincoln

Welcome to Yacht Destinations

We are here to help members of yacht clubs to find other clubs to visit while cruising or travelling. Many clubs will extend reciprocal priviledges to members of other yacht clubs. This means that you may be able to tie your boat up to your reciprocal club's dock and/or use their facilities while on a vistit. Reciprocal priviledges offered by a club usually only extend to specific other clubs.

This site was designed to help you find out what is available to you as a member of your yacht club while you are visiting another club. You need to "Create an Account" here and while doing so indicate what yacht club you belong to. Then, when you "Sign In", the database of clubs will filter down to those that are your reciprocal clubs.

The clubs available can be found graphically under the "Destinations Tab" or in tabular form under the "Details" tab. By clicking on the icons on these pages you will find a wealth of information about a club's facilities, terms of use, and the surrounding area.

May you be blessed with a gentle passage and don't forget to bring your burgee!

Burgee Willamette Sailing Club - Portland, USABurgee St. Francis Yacht Club - San Francisco, USABurgee Point Roberts Marina Resort - Point Roberts, USABurgee Harrison Yacht Club - Harrison Hot Springs, CanadaBurgee Alameda Yacht Club - Alameda, USABurgee Three Tree Point Yacht Club - Des Moines, USABurgee Royal Vancouver Yacht Club - Coal Harbour - Vancouver, CanadaBurgee Navy Yacht Club - Everett - Everett, USABurgee Port Madison Yacht Club - Bainbridge Island , USABurgee Port Angeles Yacht Club - Port Angeles, USABurgee Cathlamet Yacht Club - Cathlamet, USA