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Internet Explorer Problem

I got a call from Jim McCarthy today. No, not the Jim McCarthy who is my uncle that lives in Missouri. Jim McCarty the reciprocal manager for the Fidalgo Yacht Club in Anacortes. Turns out he found a bug in the program that shows up only when using Internet Explorer. Barb and I use Google Chrome or Firefox most the time so we hadn't noticed. When in the table view like under the Details tab you can select the state the you want to sort by. Once you do that the region choices are supposed to narrow down to just those in that state. Turns out that part wasn't working in Internet Explorer. So I just finished fixing that bug. I had to rewrite the whole way that the region drop down was populated. It's better now.

While Jim was on the phone he was asking about a way to take all the information about just his recips and put them on a disk for his members. I got a good idea how to do that. A one button download that can bring you clubs printables downloaded all in pdf format. I'll be getting to it shortly.

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