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A letter to California clubs about Yacht Destinations

By way of introduction, the Yacht Destinations site is an offshoot of a database project created by the Orcas Island Yacht Club to keep track of their reciprocal clubs. For the first few years our OIYC reciprocal manager contacted each club and then updated the database. Then we created a cloud-based editor so the...


Van Isle 360

Barb and I are taking our sailboat Time Bandit up to Nanaimo for the Van Isle 360 this week. We will be away for 2 weeks but are hoping to get our email along the way.



New Tools for the Admins

One of the things that people have asked for is the ability to send renewal letters to their clubs all at once. That tool is ready now. There is a new tab on the right side called "AAYC Tools" or whatever your clubs abbreviation is. We have also added a stand alone file editor and taken it out from under the "AAYC Recips" tab....


Internet Explorer Problem

I got a call from Jim McCarthy today. No, not the Jim McCarthy who is my uncle that lives in Missouri. Jim McCarty the reciprocal manager for the Fidalgo Yacht Club in Anacortes. Turns out he found a bug in the program that shows up only when using Internet Explorer. Barb and I use Google Chrome or Firefox most the time so we hadn't noticed....


What we're working on today

I will be keeping notes here about the things I'm working on. A developers diary if you will.

Today I fixed a couple of problems with the embeddable club's page. Under the details tab of the Club's Page there is a user selectable "Region" drop down selector. Using that selector was causing the database screening to become...

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