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New Tools for the Admins

One of the things that people have asked for is the ability to send renewal letters to their clubs all at once. That tool is ready now. There is a new tab on the right side called "AAYC Tools" or whatever your clubs abbreviation is. We have also added a stand alone file editor and taken it out from under the "AAYC Recips" tab. In the new file editor you can see all of your letter files and also the default letters. You can edit the default letters and save them "AS" one of your own with a different name. There is a preview action and a "Send Test" action. The Send Test only goes to the Reciprocal Managers email address.

Also, there is now a very easy way to put a table with your Officers list just by adding {board} in your renewal letter. It automatically creates a smartly formatted table from the data in the database that you can edit as before under the "AAYC Info" tab. If you add a position and name to the database then it will show up in the {board} generated table.

More later.

Thanks for the "Email blast" feature - works great with reciprocal renewals.
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